SALO Changed My Life

Before I joined SALO, I was a lonely, unfit, single guy living in my mom's basement playing video games all day and eating Doritos. Now I do all those things but I can actually talk to people!!

- Anonymous

What SALO means to me

Join today, make millions and have a laugh - or die in some rat infested public lobby penniless and miserable.

SALO puts the grin in grinding

- blues-clues85

A Confession

Before SALO I didn’t have a path in life... I just robbed banks, got high, killed people, had money... but it didn’t mean anything... but then I joined SALO and it gave new meaning to being the biggest international drug smuggler since Pablo Escobar... I made friends, met people with the same goals for power as I did, and got rich with them along the way.




SALO is cool. Join.

Don't like to go outside? Join.

- KelzGotJuice

What SALO means to me

Salo is cool, We can honk together! Join today or have regrets


Totally Not a Fabricated Review

Do you want a completely over the top fake news style review about how I started with nothing but now I have everything a man could want, businesses, cars, planes, mega yachts yadayadayada and it's all down to the brilliant lobbies, knowledgable helpful crew and amazing staff pulling it all together. It's not all business though, we have a great laugh too, especially this really funny guy from Ireland who is also very handsome and wealthy by the way. So not all of this review is true but a lot of it is, join us to find out how much, etc?

- rrares1996


Director's View

'SALO is alright, join if you want.' ~Fin

- M344FFY


This is a great crew, helpful and friendly. You can help, get help or just do your own thing. Good set of rules and nice mix of player experience. Recommend

- Buck_Heckle

More Attractive

I can attest! Just joined this crew a while back and it has made gta fun again! Every time I log into an open session these days, I am blown up by some jerk in a jet and it spoils the fun for me. It has also made me incredibly rich and attractive!

- DreadPirateDusty



Been in the crew a few weeks now, came here for somewhere safe and peaceful to play and could not be more glad. Cannot recommend enough, everyone is friendly and helpful and the discord is always busy

- antlordi

The Place for You

 If you want to join an easy going, grinding crew who will help you out and have your back, without the bs and arrogance and power games of other crews, then SALO is the place for you.

- Kireisa

No Briefers

Great crew. Never had a problem or seen any briefing. Awesome bunch of people

- KovacSteve