The Midnight Club is an elite collection of race enthusiasts who have what it takes to put the pedal to the metal. Before each race we like to gather at 1327 Furious Street and enjoy a barbecue sponsored by Corona with our dearest family and friends. We have a team of highly coordinated precision drivers who escalate things to a whole new level and experience new 'take the wheel' moments every day. Our racers are fearless and will challenge any car, bus, train, tank, helicopter, or boat.

We follow a simple creed:

  • A nitrous tank is the key to life. Without one, what are you doing – why are you even here, bro
  • Engine block destroyed? Car missing all four tires? The race isn’t over until we SAY it’s over!
  • If you must, disrobe in slo-mo only, preferably at Del Perro beach
  • You must congratulate your fellow racer by saying 'I bet he’s got 100 grand under the hood'
  • Ten second cars are required
  • Listen to Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth at the end of each race

Come to the streets of Los Santos: there will be schoolgirl outfits, oversized spoilers, canon-barrel mufflers, and neon lights. It’ll be the biggest, loudest illegal party hiding in plain sight.

Listen to our mantra: Everything changes bro, this is the best crew in the world.

Credit: blacknerdproblems